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Re: [] 4.0.1 RC2 candidates

El 01/09/2012 16:17, Ed Willink escribió:
Hi Adolfo

The maintenance/rc2candidates branch contains 5 commits.

1) [388588] Suspend test pending fix for Bug 388587

Required: needed to suppress a test failure unless Kenn fixes Bug 388587 in time for SR2
I guess this one, doesn't need to cherry-picked, since Kenn fixed Bug 388587 . However, I see some minor changes in the master branch... Does this changes need to be applied in the maintenance branch ?

2) [337320] Fix code gen of ternary operations

Trivial: adds two missing imports that cause OCL code gen failures if a two argument operation is used.
Not found.

3 [unrelated] Missing plugin property name

Trivial: provides a missing name for the File associations UI

4 [unrelated] Prioritize completion proposals

Localized: completion proposals are sorted by property then operation then type etc which makes them much much more
useful when there are a few hundred.
Is it necessary to retain the "System.out.println(...)" ?

Apart from that, +1.

5 [388282] Ensure serialized scope references required element

A bug fix with a JUnit test.

They should be orthogonal so cherry-pick as many as you are happy with for RC2.
I'm running tests job... to verify the integrity of the changes all together.



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