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Re: [] Ed Willink's statement regarding depreceated state.

Philipp, Ed,

Apologies for the confussion my email has provoked. Of course, I didn't want to say that the current code is deprecated (the components have not been marked as such, there has not been any announce in the cross-project list, etc). IMHO, it's a matter of time, tough. The main reason: the only active committer (to be more specific, developer) is working on a new implementation which is/will be compliant with future OMG specifications.

> How can we propose something mature as deprecated if
> -  many other projects relay on it

Deprecation precisely makes clients know that the current implementation won't be continued and there is a new implementation to which they must migrate. Although such a migration should be done as soon as possible (to benefit from the new implementation and enhancements) the clients have, If my memory doesn't fail me, around 3 releases (3 years time) before the components are removed in a new release.

> - the replacement is neither completely finished, nor its completion if fully funded?

I hope that having a fully OMG compliant implementation is funded enough. Of course, I'm not going to be the guy who will announce such a deprecation, since I'm not working in the new implementation.

Again, apologies for the confussion.


El 04/02/2012 13:00, Philipp W. Kutter | Montages AG escribió:
Hi,  Ed.
Thanks for your message, this is very useful information.
There a massive difference between 'mature' and 'deprecated'. I'm afraid that you are reading much too much into a planning document which is looking at the position we are trying to get to, not where we are today.
I did not bring the work 'deprecated' into the messages. As well, I do not want to blame anyone else for using it.

I just asked for clarification from your side, which you did. I am fully happy with what you write.

Regards, Philipp

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