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Re: [] Offer of GMF-T to help with their resources: what is the answer of the MDT OCL project?

Hi Michael,

thanks for the feedback. Great to hear that the IA is working for you. Any feedback as to the API? From my side, of course, it's also +1 for promotion.

Ed? Adolfo?

-- Axel

On 2/3/2012 11:23 AM, Michael Golubev wrote:

Below is update from the GMF-T:

For last 3 weeks we were working on the integration of the
ImpactAnalyzer into the GMFT-generated diagrams,
as part of the Bugzilla #368398 -- modeling support for diagram
properties auto-updated based on semantic properties of the element.

As part of this work we have implemented 50+ tests for IA (right now
they depends on the GMF-T), and manually tested the generated diagrams
(that uses IA) with fairly complex OCL expressions. We were focusing on
the use cases affecting less than a 100 semantic elements, as it is the
primary use case for diagramming.

So far we have't found any problems and we would like to promote the
work done for #368398 and # into the GMF-T master.

Even more, in case if IA would be promoted from an examples to be a part
of the MDT OCL, we will consider rewriting the base diagram updater
mechanism for using with IA, because it is now clear that it would lead
to a simpler and more stable diagram code than the one we are actually
generating for diagram update.

Thus, I am definitely +1 for promoting the IA to the main OCL distribution.


*Michael "Borlander" Golubev
*Eclipse Committer (GMF, UML2Tools)
at Montages Think Tank, Prague, Czech Republic

Montages AG
Stampfenbachstr. 48, CH-8006 Z├╝rich

tel:    +41 44 260 75 57
mob: +420 602 483 463

On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 11:55 AM, Axel Uhl <eclipse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:eclipse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    I can only say that I fully agree with your assessment. We know what
    to do: get the IA review done and work on promoting it from
    examples/ to plugins/ for the "mature" ecore implementation.

    -- Axel

    On 1/4/2012 11:51 AM, Philipp W. Kutter | Montages AG wrote:

        GMF-T offered to help with the review of the IA and to promote
        it to the
        MDT OCL main component.

        AFAIK the IA only works for the Stable/Old implementation, which
        is as
        well used in GMF-T currently. Thus while it will of course help
        in the
        future to extend the IA to the Pivot/New, it would currently
        improve the
        Stable/Old implementation.

        Has the offer been accepted by the MDT OCL project? I have not
        seen a
        clear answer in this mailing list. I have seen prototypes of simply
        using the example component (thus code duplication!), and an own
        IA implemenation, both of them working.

        I assume, we all agree that using the IA from the MDT OCL project in
        GMF-T would be the ideal solution.

        A clear answer to the offer of the GMF-T would be very good!

        Regards, Philipp

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