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Re: [] Update Sites

Looking at the maintenance/3.1.0 site it appears that oclstdlib was updated on 7-Aug. Was this a mistake, surely anything after Indigo in June should be 3.1.1?

I guess that if somebody changes a plugin, it's a responsability of the plugin modifier to update the corresponding plugin and features versions, isn't it ?

Ow. Painful. There are nearly 20 transitive 3.1.1 version errors. We've all been very careless. was at 3.2.0.

Migrating ocl.ecore to 3.1.1 highlighted that was unsound for SR inclusion.

I've reverted Bug 352964 and tried to set 3.1.1 for everything plugin and downstream feature with any change, even an xml in a doc feature.

Hopefully the current  build will succeed.

Can we restore the erroneous 3.1.0+ contributions to the repositories?

Can we find some tooling to avoid making such a mess again?



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