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[] Update Sites


A newsgroup request asked where the update sites were. I didn't know.

Looking at the Wiki, it's not obvious. The details are all under "Retention Policy", which reads as administrative detail rather than useful content, so I ignored it when looking for Downloads. [We probably want a major title such as "Downloads" with the details and a reference to a separate page of Project policies.]

The listed sites are for 3.1.0 and need updating for 3.2.0.

Looking at the maintenance/3.1.0 site it appears that oclstdlib was updated on 7-Aug. Was this a mistake, surely anything after Indigo in June should be 3.1.1?

So I cannot find the answer to the question: What update sites should an Indigo user use in order to track progress through 3.1.1 and 3.1.2?



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