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Re: [] bug and archive branches

Just to be clear: I don't mind getting the bug/* branches when fetching. I regard them useful information when it comes to understanding the topology of bug fixes and the creation of attachments for bugs. I find the duplication that happens due to renaming them to "archive/*" somewhat annoying. If the only reason for the rename is telling whether a bug branch is still open, couldn't we instead refer to Bugzilla and the merge topology in git to get the same information?

-- Axel

On 08/16/2011 10:37 PM, Ed Willink wrote:
Hi Axel

It's not perfect.

I have decluttered most of my bug branches by moving them to archive
branches, so wherever you see any archive branch you may delete the
corresponding remote tracking branch so that it stays gone. You may also
delete all the remote tracking archive branches so that the EGIT history
cleans up. Unfortunately the archive branches are still upstream so they
keep coming back. Maybe a clever fetch config would not fetch them.

Some of the archive branches can probably be deleted. I doubt any of
them will be useful after 3 months of archive.

I encourage you and Adolfo to endeavour to close out bug/branches so
that they can be archived.

The "zzbenchmark" branch was an accident.

The "benchmark" branch is now on my Github forked OCL repository; it
needs a CQ. See

The "int" branch is 'active' and will go before long.



On 16/08/2011 21:24, Axel Uhl wrote:

question regarding the archiving policy for bug branches: with
regularly fetching the git, I end up with branch duplicates for the
bug/archive branch tags. A fetch doesn't delete local branch tags when
they once made it into a cloned repository. I would have to manually
delete the bug/* branches after they got renamed in the central git
into archive/*. I don't think this is practical. Would you share this
observation? If so, we may re-consider the policy for bug branches.

-- Axel
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