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Re: [] EGit Guidelines


Thanks for the review.

- Fetch and Rebase local master onto origin/master to ensure master is current

Since we have fetched from upstream before, it looks like "fetch" is superfluous. On the other hand, since it's described below as a more general action, I guess we could live with it ;P.

Yes. I don't think you can Rebase too often.

- Optionally Archive Old topic Branch to prune the EGit displays

When renaming a local branch, will the branch be renamed in the Eclipse repository. Wouldn't be we probably have two branches (bug/xxxxx and archive/xxxxx) in the repository ? Have anybody tried that ?
I think it should work since rename is supported. If not Delete the extra one.

- Create New Branch...
If you want to continue development on a pre-existing branch you should Checkout an existing branch. This creates a local branch for which the remote branch is the upstream configuration, ensuring that Fetch and Push are useful.

I think it's not clear if you want to checkout a pre-existing local branch, or you want to create a local branch from a pre-existing remote branch. If the former, no branch is created because it already exists. If the latter "checkout" is not the proper word.

upstteam/local distinguished

In the later case, I'm wondering if some kind of tuning should be done concerning the upstream configuration. Do we want to rebase on top the remote origin/bug/xxxxx from which we created the bug, or do we want to rebase onto the remote origin/master one ?. We should probably need to update our local branch with changes which may come from both origin/bug/xxxxx and origin/master

No. Once a branch is upstream, it supports collaborative working and is a kind of pseudo-release, so the same more/less definitive policies apply.

On the other hand, we could also consider to distinct between reviewing a bug branch (simply checking out the remote origin/bug/xxxxx branch) and developing against it (which should need to create a local branch to develop). I say that because if we don't plan to develop, it's easier to checkout an always (usually) updated/fetech remote tracking branch, rather than having to do manual and/or automatic rebase/merges to have an updated local branch.

Review case added.
- Fetch and Rebase Branch... In order to merge concurrent changes from for instance origin/master you Rebase onto the origin/master branch. This does not affect the origin/master branch.

I don't understand this, and I'm not sure what you try to explain.
Note on 'onto' added.

- Push to Upstream

AFAIK, when pushing to upstream, will push every created branch to the Eclipse repository. I guess we will then always push ALL the created local branches to the Eclipse repository. Is there any way to exclude a branch from the automatic "push to upstream" action, for instance, if we had any kind of test branch ?. Do we have to use the more manual "push..." action, instead ?

Direct Push comment added.



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