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Re: [] EGit Guidelines


Nice guidelines ;).

Here you have some feedback:

- Fetch and Rebase local master onto origin/master to ensure master is current

Since we have fetched from upstream before, it looks like "fetch" is superfluous. On the other hand, since it's described below as a more general action, I guess we could live with it ;P.

- Optionally Archive Old topic Branch to prune the EGit displays

When renaming a local branch, will the branch be renamed in the Eclipse repository. Wouldn't be we probably have two branches (bug/xxxxx and archive/xxxxx) in the repository ? Have anybody tried that ?

- Create New Branch...
If you want to continue development on a pre-existing branch you should Checkout an existing branch. This creates a local branch for which the remote branch is the upstream configuration, ensuring that Fetch and Push are useful.

I think it's not clear if you want to checkout a pre-existing local branch, or you want to create a local branch from a pre-existing remote branch. If the former, no branch is created because it already exists. If the latter "checkout" is not the proper word.

In the later case, I'm wondering if some kind of tuning should be done concerning the upstream configuration. Do we want to rebase on top the remote origin/bug/xxxxx from which we created the bug, or do we want to rebase onto the remote origin/master one ?. We should probably need to update our local branch with changes which may come from both origin/bug/xxxxx and origin/master

On the other hand, we could also consider to distinct between reviewing a bug branch (simply checking out the remote origin/bug/xxxxx branch) and developing against it (which should need to create a local branch to develop). I say that because if we don't plan to develop, it's easier to checkout an always (usually) updated/fetech remote tracking branch, rather than having to do manual and/or automatic rebase/merges to have an updated local branch.

- Fetch and Rebase Branch...
In order to merge concurrent changes from for instance origin/master you Rebase onto the origin/master branch. This does not affect the origin/master branch.

I don't understand this, and I'm not sure what you try to explain.

- Push to Upstream

AFAIK, when pushing to upstream, will push every created branch to the Eclipse repository. I guess we will then always push ALL the created local branches to the Eclipse repository. Is there any way to exclude a branch from the automatic "push to upstream" action, for instance, if we had any kind of test branch ?. Do we have to use the more manual "push..." action, instead ?


El 30/07/2011 21:52, Ed Willink escribió:
Hi is ready to be reviewed.

I think that it is very much in line with Laurent's workflows, justbadding rationale and detail.


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