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Re: [] GIT layout

Good, so I think we have agreement. The new structure will be described in the bug I'll open shortly. I sure can open a Wiki page describing things.

-- Axel

On 06/06/2011 09:11 PM, Ed Willink wrote:

OK that seems simple. The new releng is already in place for an easy move.

The old releng is really old. It will be confusing to move it with a
brand new name. Leave it behind. It will still be in CVS.

Axel: Can you prepare a wiki page in which we list the moves


org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl/plugins to mdt/org.eclipse.ocl.git/plugins

so that we can review and upodate it.



On 06/06/2011 20:02, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:
Ed, Axel,

1. The org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl.releng corresponds to old
stuff. It's even older than the previous athena based build system
which was used for Helios.
2. The helios releng stuff reside in
org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl/releng folder. Specifically, it
corresponds to every folder content excepting the following two
- org.eclipse.ocl.releng.buckminster
3. The two subfolders above correspond to the the indigo releng stuff.

As the README.txt says, my intention was moving everything in
org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl/releng (excepting the two subfolders
above) into the following one:
- org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl/releng/org.eclipse.ocl.releng.athena

So my proposal for the releng restructure is the following:
- releng (a non project folder)
- org.eclipse.ocl.releng.athena (all the athena based releng stuff)
- org.eclipse.ocl.releng.buckminster (all the buckminster based stuff)
- (Our build director feature)
- README.txt

I'm not interested in the much older
org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl.releng, but for historical reason we
could create another org.eclipse.ocl.releng.XXXX project for it, where
I'm not sure what XXXX could be: ¿cbi ? ¿old?

P.D: an and will also appear.


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