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Re: [] GIT layout


OK that seems simple. The new releng is already in place for an easy move.

The old releng is really old. It will be confusing to move it with a brand new name. Leave it behind. It will still be in CVS.

 Axel: Can you prepare a wiki page in which we list the moves


org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl/plugins to mdt/org.eclipse.ocl.git/plugins

so that we can review and upodate it.



On 06/06/2011 20:02, Adolfo Sánchez-Barbudo Herrera wrote:
Ed, Axel,

1. The org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl.releng corresponds to old stuff. It's even older than the previous athena based build system which was used for Helios.
2. The helios releng stuff reside in org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl/releng folder. Specifically, it corresponds to every folder content excepting the following two subfolders:
     - org.eclipse.ocl.releng.buckminster
3. The two subfolders above correspond to the the indigo releng stuff.

As the README.txt says, my intention was moving everything in org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl/releng (excepting the two subfolders above) into the following one:
    - org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl/releng/org.eclipse.ocl.releng.athena

So my proposal for the releng restructure is the following:
- releng (a non project folder)
     - org.eclipse.ocl.releng.athena (all the athena based releng stuff)
     - org.eclipse.ocl.releng.buckminster (all the buckminster based stuff)
     - (Our build director feature)
     - README.txt

I'm not interested in the much older org.eclipse.mdt/org.eclipse.ocl.releng, but for historical reason we could create another org.eclipse.ocl.releng.XXXX project for it, where I'm not sure what XXXX could be:  ¿cbi ? ¿old?

P.D: an and will also appear.


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