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Re: [] Documentation tooling


having single-source documentation certainly sounds great. I'm not sure I understand what your proposal means to us. What is wikitext and how/where would we use it?

-- Axel

On 5/23/2011 9:51 PM, Ed Willink wrote:

I've just been looking at tooling options for our documentation. I'm
particualrly keen to avoid more non-compliant XHTML errors during Hudson

It seems that textile-driven wikitext will generate HTML, PDF and
Eclipse Help from a common markup. Mylyn provides a textile editor with

This is what Xtext uses and their customBuild.xml works after fixing a
download path and providing two apache JARs from Orbit; contribution
will have to be manual copy for now. Can piggy-back a CQ after Indigo.

Any objections, alternative ideas?



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