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Re: [] Go for RC2 and RC3... plans

Hi Ed,

Axel: if you're going to the OCL workshop in Zurich we can plan the
exploitation of the new pivot evaluator. (Since I registered a Conflict
of Interest, I have no idea whether your paper was accepted or not.)

accepted, going. Let's meet there and discuss.

For RC3, I plan only major oopses found while writing documentation.
These should be +1'd even for examples, so it would be good if you make
time on Friday/Sunday to review documentation and other patches for at
least lack of impact beyond the scope of the examples/documentation.

I have a student under SAP contract work on impact analysis for derived properties. We'll see if he gets it ready before RC2 or RC3, but my understanding is that in the examples areas we're free to commit up to the latest point in time before release. Also, the APIs shouldn't change. Just a few additional tests around derived properties that will then be added will work then.

-- Axel

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