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[] Go for RC2 and RC3... plans

Hi Adolfo, Axel

Adolfo: I have no further planned fixes for RC2; go whenever convenient.

I have successfully modelled Clause 8 using OCLinEcore and Clause 10 using CompleteOCL; very encouraging and provoked quite a few heteogeneous model integration issues to get resolved. The increased precision has highlighted inadequacies in the template parameter treatment so that just about any OCL embedded in a Standard Library definition reports an unresolved operation on T. This is too major a fix for this point in the release cycle.

Perhaps we'll have a very early maintenance release fixing this and adding the Validate button that executes the WFRs, or perhaps an M2ish 3.2.0 adding Java code generation. This could delay the namespace migration for Juno and 3.3.0 till perhaps M4.

Axel: if you're going to the OCL workshop in Zurich we can plan the exploitation of the new pivot evaluator. (Since I registered a Conflict of Interest, I have no idea whether your paper was accepted or not.)

For RC3, I plan only major oopses found while writing documentation. These should be +1'd even for examples, so it would be good if you make time on Friday/Sunday to review documentation and other patches for at least lack of impact beyond the scope of the examples/documentation.

After RC3, I'll look at web pages and Eclipse Corner articles.



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