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Re: [] Is BPMN2 project ready to participate in Luna?

Hi all,

thanks for looking into this, looks fine to me as well.

I have taken up an entirely new job, with no connection to process modeling (at least at the moment). Thus, I won't be able to commit anything in the future. I will try to comment on particular issues if needed (just drop me a mail), but I would like to step down as a commiter (for example, in January aligned with the project leadership change).

Thanks for the work and good collaboration in the past years!

Best regards,

2013/12/13 Bob Brodt <bbrodt@xxxxxxxxxx>
Hi Reiner,

Thanks for the quick reply. As you suggested, it probably makes sense for me to lead the project going forward but I don't have the time right now to jump through all of the Eclipse Foundation Policy hoops to make it official ;) Shall we transition the project leadership sometime in January then?

Meantime, I'll go ahead and make sure the project is ready for Luna.

@Henning, are you still interested in participating in MDT BPMN2 in any capacity? I know the project is mature and stable and no longer needs babysitting at this point, but it would be good to have someone to consult on spec compliance.

Thanks to both of you for your time and help in the past!


----- Original Message -----
> Hi Bob,
> as you might have recognized, I have not done anything for the BPMN2 project
> in the last years. This happened, because my professional work is now in a
> completely different area.
> Therefore I don't mind at all if someone is driving the project into the
> future. I would also like to give up my role as Project Lead. If you like,
> you could take it over or integrate it into you BPMN2 Modeller.
> Best regards,
>  Reiner.
> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von: Bob Brodt [mailto:bbrodt@xxxxxxxxxx]
> Gesendet: Freitag, 13. Dezember 2013 14:42
> An: Hille-Doering, Reiner; Henning Heitkötter
> Cc: mdt-bpmn2 dev
> Betreff: Is BPMN2 project ready to participate in Luna?
> Hi guys,
> I would like to get the SOA-BPMN2 Modeler project into the Luna release
> (scheduled June 25, 2014) but according to the Eclipse Simultaneous Release
> Policy [1] dependent Eclipse projects must also be part of the release (or
> at least a previous one.) It looks like the MDT BPMN2 project has never been
> released before, so I guess it needs to go into Luna along with the modeler.
> I don't mind doing the work to make this happen, but I need to get the
> project lead's permission to do so. Anyone have any objections to joining
> the Luna release train? Please let me know ASAP because the deadline for
> Luna M4 is coming up fast (December 20.)
> Thanks,
> Bob
> [1]
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> Robert ("Bob") Brodt
> Senior Software Engineer
> JBoss by Red Hat

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