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Re: [] What is the right way to implement extensions using the model

Hi Timur,

Are you familiar with BPMN 2.0 spec's extensibility model? Is that what you had in mind, or do you have different requirements?
As an example, the following xml snippet extends the bpmn2 <process> element with attributes and values defined in a different namespace ("tns")

  <bpmn2:process id="com.sample.bpmn" tns:version="1" tns:packageName="org.sample.bpmn.process" name="My Process">
      <tns:global id="GlobalType_1" identifier="globalVar1" type="String"/>

Bob Brodt

----- Original Message -----
> Hi Everyone,
> I need to implement some extensions on-top of existing BPMN
> meta-model. Could you please tell me what is the right way of doing
> it?
> Is it possible to achieve this without changing the code in existing
> plug-ins, i.e., implementing a separate plug-in which provides the
> extensions to the editor?
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Best Regards,
> Timur Sungur
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