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Re: [mail-dev] Contact email at contributing page

Piotr Żygieło wrote on 3/25/20 10:45 AM:
> Hi Team
> 1. I noticed, that Contributions page
> (;!!GqivPVa7Brio!Pu8va4YM9z5_fWpcc2mMXnhpltvw27Tgrr7C61E8An3zG4uY646JJZHvVYk93WZgAQ$ ) refers to e-mail
> javamail_ww@xxxxxxxxxx.
> Is that correct address to use by someone interested in contributing
> to this project? Or rather this list shall be used instead?

Use this list.  The other email address (which I think is dead now)
was for reporting bugs.

> 2. I see that (old) javamail-dev list still receives updates, (eg.
>;!!GqivPVa7Brio!Pu8va4YM9z5_fWpcc2mMXnhpltvw27Tgrr7C61E8An3zG4uY646JJZHvVYkagkSE5A$ ), so I'm a
> bit confused - which list is the active one? Isn't the javamail-dev -
> after;!!GqivPVa7Brio!Pu8va4YM9z5_fWpcc2mMXnhpltvw27Tgrr7C61E8An3zG4uY646JJZHvVYlWRp4-dA$  -
> supposed to be unused in favour of this one?

They were supposed to remove or disable javamail-dev when it was
"renamed" to mail-dev.

> On;!!GqivPVa7Brio!Pu8va4YM9z5_fWpcc2mMXnhpltvw27Tgrr7C61E8An3zG4uY646JJZHvVYmVujhR2w$  mail-dev is used, but the
> "msg00027" was not delivered here.

That was probably my mistake, sending to the wrong list, probably due to
Thunderbird auto-completing the wrong address.

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