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[m2e-users] Confused about pom editor version changes

I recently upgraded from Eclipse 2021-09 to 2021-12.  I'm seeing some loss of functionality in the Maven pom editor, and I need to understand what happened here.  I did notice some discussions about some of these points, but I didn't see a clear conclusion from those threads.

Right now, I have both 2021-09 and 2021-12 open.  All of my projects are in git, and I have about the same projects open.  I'm viewing the pom.xml for one project in both.  I see some slight color changes, but I don't care about that.

In 2021-09, if I put the cursor on the artifactId value for the parent pom, I can press F3, which is bound to "open-selection", and it will open the parent pom in another buffer.

In 2021-12, when I do the same, it gives me an error dialog with the title "Open Hyperlink", saying "The operation is not applicable to the current selection".  Then, I noticed that F3 is bound to "open-hyperlink", not "open-selection".

In Keys preferences, I inspected the bindings for F3, and they seem identical, but I see that "open-selection" has a "When" value of "Editing in Structured Text Editors" and "open-hyperlink" has a When value of "In Generic Code Editor".  I also looked at the "File Assocation" settings for "pom.xml", and they also seem to be the same, both referencing "Generic Text Editor" and "Maven POM Editor", with the latter being at the top for both.  It appears that somehow it thinks that 2021-12 is using the "Generic Code Editor" instead of the "Maven POM Editor".

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