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[m2e-users] m2e incorrectly uses open Eclipse project as dependency when versions do not match

Can I ask for clarification please on how the m2e .classpath resolution algorithm works?

My current understanding from tinkering is that the m2e .classpath resolution algorithm checks to see if the dependency is a project open in Eclipse and if so uses that as a dependency instead of the cached version in ~/.m2/repository.

But what happens if the version in Eclipse is not the same version as the dependency in your pom?

For example, our project depends upon A version 21.07.

If project A is open in eclipse and it is using a later version, say 21.08-SNAPSHOT, then the m2e plugin is setting our project dependencies to use the project open in Eclipse, even though the versions do not match.

When we close project A, m2e correctly updates the project's dependencies to use the correct version in ~/.m2/repository

We are using m2e v1.16.20200710-1008.


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