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[m2e-users] Using maven artifacts directly in eclipse target platform / tycho builds

Happy new year everyone,

I'd like to introduce a new feature in m2e / Tycho that supports the seaming-less integration for maven artifacts (OSGi and even non OSGi ones) to be used both in Eclipse IDE and Tycho Maven build.

This consists of two complementary features, a m2e extension for PDE that allows the adding/editing of a new target location type "Maven" and support for this location type in Tycho itself.

I have written a more detailed description in the following article [1].

I'd like to get some feedback so let me know if something is missing or bugs you encountered either via mailing-list, by directly contacting me or simply open a bug/enhancement in the m2e bugtracker [2], also please let me know if you think the article itself needs some deeper description of a given aspect of the new feature!

best regards


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