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[m2e-users] Why does Eclipse's Maven Integration not memorize my settings.xml setting?

I am using different workspaces and each must have its own Maven settings.


According to misc. descriptions I found by googling re. this problem, that should be feasible and the Maven preferences (specifically the User Settings) should be saved within the workspace, i.e. switching the workspace should also switch the Maven settings.


But not so in my environment (Eclipse JEE, Version 2019-03 (4.11.0) / Build id: 20190314-1200)!

Not only when switching the workspace but even each time after restarting Eclipse the User Settings field AGAIN points to <HOME>\.m2\settings.xml, i.e. EACH and EVERY TIME I have to re-enter these settings again and that gets mighty annoying!


What could be wrong here? And how can I convince/force Eclipse to not only keep my user settings but also switch it when switching workspaces?


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