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[m2e-users] How to combine m2e project update with "maven build" run configuration?


after updating my source code in Eclipse I currently have to manually execute two actions:

 * Update my maven projects with Alt+F5 (this overrides the Eclipse project settings with corresponding
    settings from the pom.xml files, e.g. udpates the classpath  files)
 * Run my main pom.xml file with a maven run configuration ("maven build", this
   executes all plugins of the pom.xml file)

Is there a way to

 * automatically execute a given "maven build" - run configuration after updating my m2e projects? or
 * include an m2e project update in a "maven build" - run configuration? or
 * write an ant file to execute both, the m2e project update and the maven build? or
 * adapt the m2e plugin settings to not just update the Eclipse settings but execute all
   plugins of the pom.xml file? (Maybe this is exactly the purpose of lifecycle mappings?
   I tried to define a lifecycle mapping for my pom-packaged, modular project, but did
   not get it working.)
I also asked this question on stack overflow, including an example pom.xml:  

Sunny regards,


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