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[m2e-users] m2e 1.6 M6 is available


we've published m2e 1.6 M6 (a.k.a to the milestones repository [1]. The full changelog is available at [2].

This milestone release contains a couple interesting enhancement/bugs fixes :

- the embedded Maven is now 3.3.1 [3]. Please note Run As > Maven is still broken though [4]. You'll need to manually set -Dmaven.multiModuleProjectDirectory in the launch configuration parameters

- An option to auto update out-of-date project configuration is now available in the Maven preferences [5]. It's turned off by default since we *just* found it could cause endless builds in certain circumstances [6].

- The maven archetype plugin has been updated to 2.3 [7]. This fixes a whole bunch of archetype related issues, which is great. The caveat is some classes exposed through the very old archetype jars have changed, "potentially" breaking some 3rd party adopters. Igor mentioned he plans on moving the archetype features out of m2e-core in the future, as a consequence, all archetype packages have been flagged as internal [8].

Please give it a try and let us now about any problems you find [9].




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