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Re: [m2e-users] building into multiple directories

So it seem the bottom line is: just let the tools do what they do -
they know better. :)
OK, thanx guys.

On 6 March 2015 at 03:20, Bruno Haible <bruno.haible@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Igor Fedorenko wrote:
>> Either change eclipse
>> to use maven convention (the default in m2e) or configure pom.xml build
>> <outputDirectory> and <testOutputDirectory> to match what you use in
>> eclipse.
> But when doing this, the user has to be careful when running maven on the
> command line (outside Eclipse). The user must avoid that a maven build
> inside Eclipse and a maven build outside Eclipse are running at the same
> time. This means:
>   - As long as Eclipse displays "Building workspace...", don't run a
>     maven build on the command line.
>   - As long as a maven build on the command line is running, don't save
>     any modified file in Eclipse, nor pull any Git commits.
> People who do not follow this rule have seen weird errors, such as:
>   - NoSuchMethodException for access$0.
>   - A running program (launched from Eclipse) doesn't find its resources
>     any more, because an "mvn clean install" command is being run on the
>     command line.
> Bruno
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