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Re: [m2e-users] building into multiple directories

Igor Fedorenko wrote:
> Either change eclipse
> to use maven convention (the default in m2e) or configure pom.xml build
> <outputDirectory> and <testOutputDirectory> to match what you use in
> eclipse.

But when doing this, the user has to be careful when running maven on the
command line (outside Eclipse). The user must avoid that a maven build
inside Eclipse and a maven build outside Eclipse are running at the same
time. This means:
  - As long as Eclipse displays "Building workspace...", don't run a
    maven build on the command line.
  - As long as a maven build on the command line is running, don't save
    any modified file in Eclipse, nor pull any Git commits.

People who do not follow this rule have seen weird errors, such as:
  - NoSuchMethodException for access$0.
  - A running program (launched from Eclipse) doesn't find its resources
    any more, because an "mvn clean install" command is being run on the
    command line.


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