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[m2e-users] properties-maven-plugin with m2e


I need to implement some build mechanism to extract some resources out of my test plugin into an external folder. I achieve this using the maven-resources-plugin.

Now I wan't to make the folder to copy the resources to configurable via properties. But for reusability I want to store the configuration in a properties file rather than in the pom directly.

I found the properties-maven-plugin to exactly match my needs. And running the Maven build from console works fine. But in Eclipse I get an error saying the value for the configured outputDirectory is not valid. I guess that is because m2e can not resolve the property, as it will be loaded on build time and is not available when loading the pom in the editor in Eclipse.

Now the question is, how can I enable the properties-maven-plugin to work with m2e?
Another way would be to simply disable the error for that case, but I didn't find the configuration for that. Would that be possible?

I also tried to specify the property in the pom and then let the plugin override the value. But that is not supported using Maven 3.

Any help would be appreciated.


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