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Re: [m2e-users] How can I configure the m2e version of "Clean..."

I think the only way to do this is via a project configurator, i.e., you
need to write some eclipse code that knows how to clean after your
plugin properly. Sounds like a fair enhancement request, but it'd be
very low on my priority list unless it came with a quality patch.


On 2013-09-05 2:47 PM, Noremac wrote:
I am using a plugin that creates a directory within the target dir to
store information as well as a timestamp on when some files were last

When using m2e, as far as I know, the clean build only removes specific
folders. Is there a way to configure this?

The folder created by the mentioned plugin is never deleted, but the
resources it generated are (because they are seen as web resources in
the m2e-wtp folder). This is causing problems and my original goal was
to configure the "clean" to also clean this directory. However I haven't
found anyway to do this. Can I add something to the pom to do this?

I also tried adding the maven-clean-plugin to my pom as well as a
lifecycle-mapping to execute a true maven clean on every non-incremental
build, but through the eclipse clean I can't get it to execute. Is this
because clean is it's own complete lifecycle? If so, then how can I make
that part of an eclipse clean build?

The first attempt seems more of the correct approach to me, so long as
it's something configurable in the pom. Any ideas on the best way to
handle this?


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