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Re: [m2e-users] Can you upload release versions on

Hello Igor,

Thank you for your immediate answer. I might explain my requirements/situation: 
I develop an eclipse plugin extending m2e.  Due to our company policies I can only use open source components in their released versions and which are either hosted some external available maven repositories (e.g. maven central, or can be downloaded as one file to be referenced for later usage.
You said in [1], you don't want to provide zipped p2 repositories. I found the m2e snapshot versions on, so I thought, once in a while you put versions on it anyway, so why not putting the release versions up there as well. Do I understand you correctly that you are not updating anymore since you moved to
Best Regards


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Sebastian, hosts very old m2eclipse builds, from before we
moved m2e to All releases since 1.0 are deployed to The directory structure we use is documented in
[1] and you should be able to mirror the new structure without problems.

Do you have special requirements that make use of



On 2013-08-29 4:53 AM, Wennemers, Sebastian wrote:
> Hello all,
> I found several snapshot versions of m2e on
> .
> Can you upload your released versions there as well?
> That would be great, as my company is mirroring it (some of you know my
> colleagues) and I have to develop extensions of m2e on top of released
> versions.
> Best Regards
> Sebastian Wennemers
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