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Re: [m2e-users] How to add a nature automatically using m2e?

m2e and maven-eclipse-plugin use two drastically different approaches to
maven/eclipse integration and can't be used together for the same
workspace project. You have to choose one or another. This has never
worked. Not sure why you think it did.

I know there is some m2e support in STS, so I suggest you ask on their
user forums to see what's their recommended way to enable spring support
for m2e projects.


On 2013-09-01 5:33 AM, Benyi Wang wrote:
I'm using Kepler and m2e and found I could not add a
nature when I imported the maven project like this:


I remember that it worked in Juno, but it seemed not working any more.
No springnature is added unless I run mvn eclipse:eclipse to generate
.project and .classpath.

Is something changed recently? Is it possible to add a nature
automatically when a project is loaded or run "update maven project..."?



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