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[m2e-users] Project no longer builds in Eclipse after upgrading to m2e 1.4


I'm trying to understand why my project no longer builds in Eclipse
after upgrading to m2e 1.4.

The project consists of several OSGi bundles, built using the Felix
maven-bundle-plugin, all in a reactor.

They are later picked up and used by a Tycho build for use in an
Eclipse plugin. In order to ensure that these bundles are updated when
upgrading the Eclipse plugin, I have added a build qualifier to the
bundle-plugin builds:


Then used the ${unqualifiedVersion} and ${buildQualifier} set by the
build-qualifier goal in the Bundle-Version as follows:


Previously, I had used a lifecycle mapping to ensure that the
build-qualifier goal was run by m2e:

                    <execute />

However, after updating to m2e, I am seeing the following error in my
Eclipse log:

  Invalid value for Bundle-Version,
${unqualifiedVersion}.0.${buildQualifier} does not match

I don't understand why these properties are no longer being interpolated.

Is there a better way to get a build qualifier timestamp that's
consistent across projects in a reactor, and that also works in m2e?

Please let me know if a test project would help.


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