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Re: [m2e-users] Eclipse Runtime VM in Maven Plugin Classpath

Hello george,

i have exactly the same problem. The application.xml is build correctly but with the option "clean" it will be deleted in
org.eclipse.m2e.wtp.internal.filtering.ResourceFilteringBuildParticipant.clean(IProgressMonitor monitor).

Second strange behaviour:

If you make a "Project Clean", the application.xml will be deleted but the WTPProjectConfigurator will not be started -> no appication.xml
If you make a "update project" without "clean" option the application.xml will be created and visible in Eclipse.
If you do this procedure a second time the application.xml is created but not visible in Eclipse. A refresh on the project doesn't change it.
No m2e-wtp-folder is visible in Eclipse any more.

I have still no solution for this but i'm still debugging.


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Hello together,

I have the following problem: I start my Eclipse with an Oracle JDK (using the -vm argument). Inside Eclipse I configured an IBM JDK for compilation and it seems that the later is propagated to the maven-compiler-plugin when doing an update with M2E.

Unfortunately I can't get the plugins




to work with the IBM JDK. They both have the tools.jar from the Oracle JDK in their classpath which leads to several (project-specific) problems.

Simply put: I don't want to compile or generate anything using the Oracle JDK - I just want to start my eclipse with it.

It seems there is anything I missed in my configuration - I am thankful for any suggestion here!

Thank you very much

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