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Re: [m2e-users] Problem with M2E and OSGi runtime launch config

Hi Igor,

yes I am talking about felix bundle-plugin. I am sorry I am not too familiar with the M2E connector infrastructure but I have done some googleing and try and error (unsuccessful) :)

Do I understand it correct that through the connector every time I compile my sources M2E will invoke the Tycho plugin to generate the required PDE artifacts? Or does it only configure the project once (when importing)?

For this to work, do I have to specify any particular life-cycle-mapping in my pom?

Just to be sure: What I really want is to launch my maven bundle build with felix bundle-plugin as a OSGi bundle with the Eclipse OSGi runtime launch config :)



Are you talking about maven-bundle-plugin [1] or something else?
Maven-bundle-plugin is supported by m2e-tycho, including integration
with PDE launch support. This is what we use to package m2e maven
runtime. You can install m2e-tycho either from m2e discovery catalog or
directly from [2]


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