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Re: [m2e-users] Problem with M2E and OSGi runtime launch config

Are you talking about maven-bundle-plugin [1] or something else?
Maven-bundle-plugin is supported by m2e-tycho, including integration
with PDE launch support. This is what we use to package m2e maven
runtime. You can install m2e-tycho either from m2e discovery catalog or
directly from [2]



On 2013-07-14 2:30 PM, Philipp Marx wrote:

I actually use Karaf as application server later on, but the EIK plugin
is incompatible with Eclipse 4.X. So I thought, I just create my own
target.definition in Eclipse and run my plugins there (with a OSGi
launch config). This actually works well if the plugins are recognized
:-) I don't have any eclipse plugins, RCPs, RAP just plain OSGi bundles.

I have tried BND tool which works great as well. Except for my
mulit-module Maven setup. BND tool needs a flat project structure for
its repository. Has anybody ever used BND tool with such a setup?

I know about Tycho and have used in another project. But I really want
to make use of the Maven BND plugin and not use Eclipse PDE as primary

I have done a little debugging and it seems that (part) of the problem
is that the Eclipse WorkspacePluginModelManager has a method
isPluginProject. This checks whether the project has a MANIFEST.MF file
in target/classes. But this is not always there or the workspace is not
in sync.




Why don't you try virgo or Karaf? Imho it's easier to run, update and
maintain if you're pure osgi.

For manifest generation I personnaly prefer bundlor.


RafaÅ Krzewski <rafal.krzewski@xxxxxxxxx> a ÃcritÂ:

Hi Philipp,

maven-bundle-plugin is not compatible with Eclipse PDE. If you need to
use PDE because are developing an Eclipse plugin, RCP or RAP application
but you would like to have an CI / release build with maven you should
be using Eclipse Tycho.
If you are doing OSGi development unrelated to Eclipse platform, you can
ditch PDE (which is pretty horrible IMO) and use Bndtools instead. They
work quite well with Maven / m2e / maven-bundle-plugin.
There's also another another alternative: Eclipse Virgo tooling and
Bundlor which I believe is also available as Maven plugin. I haven't
explored that path.


On 07/13/2013 09:06 PM, Philipp Marx wrote:

I am not 100% sure whether this is the right place to ask but I give
it a try :)

I have a multi module project setup with Maven which uses the
maven-bnd-plugin to generate valid OSGi bundles. This works out perfect.

I want to be able to start these projects in Eclipse via an OSGi
runtime launch config. My problem though is that the projects managed
by M2E sometimes disappear from the list of selectable workspace
bundles within the launch config or sometimes will show up a red cross
"out of sync".

I have already search for a solution or issue but didn't find any
hint. Does anybody has a clue about why this happens?

Eclipse version is 4.3 and 4.2 and M2E is 1.4.

Thanks in advance.


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