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Re: [m2e-users] Unable to update repository index using m2e 1.0.0

I believe m2e 1.0 and 1.0 SR1 were blocked from accessing Central
repository index due to bug 367468 [1]. Please update to m2e 1.0SR2 or
1.1. Both are expected to work with Eclipse 3.7.



On 12-07-20 2:32 PM, Iona Amerson wrote:
One of our teams uses m2e 1.0.0 along with Eclipse Classic 3.7. Over the
past month, we've noticed that the attempt to update the central Maven
repository index appears to be failing. For new team members (with new
systems), we can't seem to expand the central repository in the
Repositories view at all. No errors are logged though.
On the same systems, if we use m2e 1.0.200, everything appears to be
working as expected, other teams are already using m2e 1.1.
We would like to avoid changing the dev environment (and installers) for
this particular project; any idea what has gone wrong? This was working
just fine until recently; the machines are directly connected to the
Internet without a proxy, so I doubt it is caused by incorrect network
Thanks in advance.

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