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Re: [m2e-users] How to tell m2e to update a particular folder (or at least: "target" folder) after <pluginExecution>?

This question comes up every now and then but so far nobody was able to
suggest a good general solution that solves the problem for all/most
projects without breaking anything. This does not mean such solution is
not possible, of course, so if you think you know how to implement it,
please bring your ideas to m2e-dev mailing list, preferably in a form of
a quality patch with corresponding tests, and we'll discuss it there.


On 12-07-10 11:02 AM, l.penet@xxxxxxxx wrote:
On 09/07/2012 21:45, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
You need a project configurator. <execute/> mapping is the last resort
thing and is not expected to work for any mojo that generates workspace
I understand our concern but isn't it a lot of work (and to know) for
"simple users" of m2e ?

It is always easy to ask others to avoid you some work, but...
I have the same need and it seems to me (but I must be missing
something) that an element in m2e configuration indicating
a dynamically generated dir would solve most cases.

By the way, thank you for your work.


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