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Re: [m2e-users] M2E Update Project issue

I can't reproduce this locally, but we've looked at something very
similar a year or so ago and came to the conclusion it was a PDE bug. I
don't remember all the details any more and there is a chance I remember
this wrong :-)


On 12-07-04 8:22 AM, Markward Schubert wrote:
The problem we can observe here is, that once the project is
successfully imported and then I click "Update Project", it falls into
a broken state.

It shows an error dialog:

Error Updating Maven Configuration

Project Name : tychodemo.bundle
Error: lib/jacob.jar [in tychodemo.bundle] is not on its project's build path

This is what is in the Error Log:

Wed Jul 04 14:20:35 CEST 2012
Unable to update Maven configuration

Wed Jul 04 14:20:35 CEST 2012
lib/jacob.jar [in tychodemo.bundle] is not on its project's build path

If I click "Update Project" again, then the project gets into a good
state again.
If then again I click "Update Project" it gets broken again, and so on.

The more frequent we switch branches, it happens, that a general
"Update Project" is suggested by eclipse, which then fails on such
bundles with the above dialog. I mention this just to explain, why we
click "Update Project" more or less often.

Sorry, I forgot to provide you the information, which versions we
currently use here.

- m2e - Maven Integration for Eclipse	
- Tycho Project Configurators	
- Eclipse Plug-in Development
Environment	3.8.0.v20111007-1306-7b7uFb4FEx2Xnnmphn9PhXL


2012/7/4 Igor Fedorenko <igor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
What is the problem, exactly? The import of the provided demo project
just worked for me, and apart from missing swtbot everything seems to be
in order. Running Maven->UpdateProject does not cause any
pom-out-of-sync error markers either.


On 12-07-02 2:47 PM, Markward Schubert wrote:

Hello again on this topic!

As mentioned earlier, I started refactoring some of our projects to
move the embedded dependencies into the target platform rather than
having them being reexported by some workspace projects. But finally I
reached a plugin, which actually is a fragment, carrying the Java-COM
bridge from the JACOB project
( This includes also a

Also included where some classes of ours. Looking at this project
setup, it felt pretty correct the way it is. As opposed to the other
examples, where we embedded libraries, just because it was easy, in
this case it felt right, as in fact this was an optional dependency,
if our product was running on windows systems and everything was
closely connected. Our code, as well as the jacob jar and the dll.

So looking from this perspective, I would like to refocus on the
situation, described by Dave, earlier.

I took the freedom to fork Jan Sievers' tycho-demo project in order to
quickly modify it the way our bundle is configured here. It is
completely without any maven-dependency-plugin preparations and such
and you can nicely reproduce the described behavior by simply
importing all the projects and then clicking "Maven->Update Project
Configuration" time after time on the project tychodemo.bundle.

Here is the link to my fork:

This is causing some trouble among those folks here, who have to
switch branches often, because the project setup would not survive a
branch-switch and a collective "Maven->Update Project Configuration"
will always fail in the first place, forcing one to find the failing
projects and do an extra "Update Config".

So if we could find a solution to this, we could make a lot of people
happy in my department.

Thanks for the great work and help!

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