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Re: [m2e-users] M2E holding on to JAR file handles

Are these dependency jars or maven plugins?

m2e does not look inside dependency jars, at least it should not. I'd
check if jdt is supposed to keep dependency jars open, because it does
need to look inside them.

For maven plugins, m2e creates and caches plugin classloaders and I
believe JVM will keep underlying jar files open. It is theoretically
possible to always copy jars somewhere before setting up classloaders,
but there are no immediate plans to implement something like this in
m2e, and it should be done in maven core anyways.


On 12-05-30 5:39 PM, Mirko Raner wrote:
Hi all,
there are a couple build issues in my company that are easiest dealt
with by wiping out the local .m2/repository (I know, it's lame).
I noticed that I cannot completely delete the repository because Eclipse
is holding on to file handles to some of the JAR files, even when I'm
not building my workspace. I tracked down who holds the file handles,
and it is indeed the Eclipse process. It seems like a file handle leak
to me if M2E opens a JAR but doesn't release the file handle in a timely
Is anyone else experiencing this, or is something wrong with my M2E
P.S.: I'm having a similar problem with the IvyDE plug-in and the

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