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Re: [m2e-users] M2E holding on to JAR file handles

Yes, I see the same things.

/Anders (mobile)

Den 30 maj 2012 23.39 skrev "Mirko Raner" <mirko@xxxxxxxx>:
Hi all,
there are a couple build issues in my company that are easiest dealt with by wiping out the local .m2/repository (I know, it's lame).
I noticed that I cannot completely delete the repository because Eclipse is holding on to file handles to some of the JAR files, even when I'm not building my workspace. I tracked down who holds the file handles, and it is indeed the Eclipse process. It seems like a file handle leak to me if M2E opens a JAR but doesn't release the file handle in a timely manner.
Is anyone else experiencing this, or is something wrong with my M2E configuration?
P.S.: I'm having a similar problem with the IvyDE plug-in and the .ivy2/cache

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