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Re: [m2e-users] one parent with 2 children

We invoke Team > Synchronize only with the generated parent since it contains all the code and prevents the duplication in the Synchronize view when all are synchronized. I think the parent-child layout reflects modules, we have three layers - parent (pom project) > features/plugins/tests (pom projects) > plugins/features. Makes for a lot of projects in the workspace but we rarely interact with the parent hierarchies except to modify their poms. Most of the time we're working in "normal" root projects. Not sure why the projects displayed under the generated parent don't show change icon overlay though.


On 12-05-29 06:08 AM, tong123123 wrote:
as the attached image shown, in m2eclipse, if I have one parent project and two child projects, when import to m2eclipse, the layout becomes three project, one is

the second is

the third is

and if I change child1 in second project, it will synchronize with the child1 in parent project.
But now I have svn commit parent and two childs project, so the first
has svn symbol for change and can check check from repository, but the second and third project cannot!!

how to handle this case?

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