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[m2e-users] Embed-Dependency are not copied to the project anymore


I use the maven-bundle-plugin to generate a wrapper bundle. Before the reworked <Embed-Dependency> support [1] I was able to properly import the project into Eclipse using m2e. With the appropriate lifecycle mapping the MANIFEST.MF was created and the dependencies have been copied into the project directory (folder jar with <Embed-Directory>jars<Embed-Directory>).

Now with the new version I had to remove the mapping. The MANIFEST.MF is generated but the Embed-Directory is missing now. My classpath entries in the manifest look like e.g. 'jars/restlet.jar,...' which is fine. But since the jars are not in place the path is not valid and the referencing plugins cannot see the exported restlet classes. 

How can I make this work again with m2e 1.0 / 0.6.0 ?

[1] https://github.com/sonatype/m2eclipse-tycho/commit/52acd659504dfb55306f6d06d569f7d2f8752cfc


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