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Re: [m2e-users] SOLVED??: Re: problem with resolving custom build <extension>

This is not expected behaviour. I think the problem has to do with use
of SNAPSHOT plugins but I was never able to reproduce it reliably
locally. If you can provide exact steps that trigger the problem, that
would be really helpful.

As for buildhelper connector, what are the exact problems that you are


On 11-11-17 3:24 AM, Martin wrote:
Well I have deleted:

rm .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.m2e.jdt/*

once again and Eclipse restart made the error go away.

Though, the behaviour of the plugin is not very deterministic; not to
mention that buildhelper connetor to maven livecycle, when we use custom
plugins, maven profiles etc. has still some problems, but at least when
maven build is executed outside eclipse, Java errors are gone while some
Maven errors still appear.


On Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 07:49:58AM +0100, Martin wrote:
Hi all,

I have a quite large multi module project, that defines a build<extension>
in parent pom.xml, ie:

- - - -


                     this module must be accessible from repository before compilation, in case of changes install it
                     separately before first compilation of the project


- - - -

I used eclipse 3.6+, now latest 3.7-sr1 with latest m2e plugin from market

Right now I have 'Maven Problem' for each maven module:

- - - -
Project build error: Unresolveable build extension: Plugin
cz.dain.ispop:build-tools:1.0-SNAPSHOT or one of its dependencies could not
be resolved: Failed to collect dependencies for
cz.dain.ispop:build-tools:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT ()
- - - -

Needless to say, compilation from command line works (and have always
worked as expected).

Regardless if I deploy the module to my local ~/.m2, or to my remote maven
repo, I can't get this away.

 From time to time during my Eclipce experience on current project, I have
ecountered such an error, but I was able to make it go away doing some kind
of rm in projects .metadata, creating new workspace, clean&build, etc.
Though I never new the proper way ho to get rid of it, somehow I have
always did.  Now nothings help.

Please, have you got the same experience using maven build extensions?  Is
there a way to get it working?

Best Regards,
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