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[m2e-users] problem with resolving custom build <extension>

Hi all,

I have a quite large multi module project, that defines a build <extension>
in parent pom.xml, ie:

- - - -


                    this module must be accessible from repository before compilation, in case of changes install it
                    separately before first compilation of the project


- - - -

I used eclipse 3.6+, now latest 3.7-sr1 with latest m2e plugin from market

Right now I have 'Maven Problem' for each maven module:

- - - -
Project build error: Unresolveable build extension: Plugin
cz.dain.ispop:build-tools:1.0-SNAPSHOT or one of its dependencies could not
be resolved: Failed to collect dependencies for
cz.dain.ispop:build-tools:jar:1.0-SNAPSHOT ()
- - - -

Needless to say, compilation from command line works (and have always
worked as expected).

Regardless if I deploy the module to my local ~/.m2, or to my remote maven
repo, I can't get this away.

>From time to time during my Eclipce experience on current project, I have
ecountered such an error, but I was able to make it go away doing some kind
of rm in projects .metadata, creating new workspace, clean&build, etc.
Though I never new the proper way ho to get rid of it, somehow I have
always did.  Now nothings help.

Please, have you got the same experience using maven build extensions?  Is
there a way to get it working?

Best Regards,

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