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Re: [m2e-users] Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:2.3.2:compile (execution: default-compile, phase: compile)

On Nov 4, 2011, at 8:19 AM, Rafał Krzewski wrote:

> the user refreshes the workspace, which leads to the non-repeatable build madness that we used to have with m2eclipse.

Not everyone, it seems a good deal of people didn't have problems with this, i.e. the people who are hoping for some Eclipse (not pom) setting to to make it behave approximately as before, but with a warning.

> You are asking the developers to work on including a feature that will hide - not solve the problem and cause more confusion and more bogus bug reports. Please don't be surprised that they do not comply.

That will hide the problem if it were there to begin with you mean? They could just refuse support if the user had explicitly disabled the connector requirement.


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