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Re: [m2e-users] Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration: org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-compiler-plugin:2.3.2:compile (execution: default-compile, phase: compile)

On 11/03/2011 05:24 PM, Guillaume Polet wrote:
m2e developers, I appreciate your work and do not want you to feel attacked in any way on this, but just want to suggest that you should maybe consider this as a more important issue than it is currently. And my belief is that there are cheap and simple solutions that could make a lot of people a lot happier.

1) From what I read, many people are upset by having to reconfigure their pom just for m2e, ... and even more upset to see that the m2e team considers this as a minor issue.
2) Quite some people would already be very happy to simply see those errors as warning (including myself). It could be a setting if you really feel this is an error, but IMHO, we lived without this error for years, so I don't really understand the need to report these problems as a strong issue with an error marker (especially that we cannot fix this same error on all projects with the quick fix assistant). I don't think that this must be something terribly complicated to modify nor very impacting in your code, so this could easily be done and would already make many people happy.
For years we have lived with m2eclipse that behaved in a non-predictable way. Sometimes it would build your project, sometimes it would not, and you needed to go through build / clean / refresh / restart workspace / turn lights on and off voodoo to make it build again. It is now all gone with m2e 1.0. Now the errors are here to tell you that your project does not build correctly _because_ there is a Maven plugin bound to the default lifecycle that m2e has no idea what to do about. Ignoring the plugin is not a safe option, because if it was not needed to build your project correctly, why it is it in your default lifecycle? Why do you run it at each project build? Blindly running the plugin is not a safe option either, because it can interfere with other plugins that are configured for Eclipse environment. Some plugins need to behave differently, or simply not run (eg. the compiler plugin). Moreover Eclipse platform and plugins have no way of knowing what the plugin did, they can only find out after the user refreshes the workspace, which leads to the non-repeatable build madness that we used to have with m2eclipse.
3) The argument that "POMs are shared across teams through Maven repositories and through SCMs. Eclipse settings are not. " is contradictary in itself. If Eclipse settings are not shared it is because they are specific to Eclipse--> Therefore, specific Eclipse settings (like the m2e lifecycle configuration) should not be put in shared files.
Let me clarify: pom.xml is file is shared, but .project, .classpath, .settings/... are not shared, or at least they should not be shared through SCM. I agree that storing Eclipse specific settings in the POM does look ugly but it works well, and nobody came up with a viable alternative so far.

Just to let you how serious I think this is, I am really considering moving to an alternate IDE just for that. May sound stupid, but other IDE do not go through these kind of ugly patch, so I really don't see why Eclipse should.

Sorry if you feel this is harsh, this is not my intent.
You are asking the developers to work on including a feature that will hide - not solve the problem and cause more confusion and more bogus bug reports. Please don't be surprised that they do not comply.


PS. I'm a m2e user not a developer, just to be clear.


Le 2/11/2011 13:33, Vegard B. Havdal a écrit :
On Nov 2, 2011, at 12:52 PM, Rafał Krzewski wrote:
get it preinstalled in their Eclipse when they start working on a project, and everything will be fine. All the scary error markers will go away :)
They mask out other ones in the Package Explorer and Problems panes. If there were a way to turn it into a warning, as a workspace setting, that alone would've solved this issue for me. Anyone? :)


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