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Re: [m2e-users] Dependencies with classifiers not working

Not sure if will get threaded correctly so if not, in reference to

I had a similar issue that seemed to be related to transitive
dependencies.  The module where a dependency was being copied to the
target directory instead of being had another module where the
problematic dependency was specified with runtime scope.  This module,
in turn, had the problematic dependency specified with a test scope.
Maven would run correctly.  And, funny thing is, eclipse would also.
However, when eclipse resolved the dependency by copying it to the
target directory, it was locked somehow so could not be deleted.
Which meant maven clean no longer worked.  Only way to get around it
was to exit eclipse then start again.

I tried the 0.15 snapshot with no luck.  On a hunch, I downgraded from
the 0.14 release to the 0.13 one.  This release no longer exhibits the
behavior.  I am unsure if the problem really is the transitive scope
differences or not.  Best guess I can give, though.  Here is a quick
layout of what I think is the problem--unfortunately, I do not have a
quick case to reproduce, I apologize!

+--- projTest (X as dependency in test scope)
+--- projRun (X as dependency in runtime scope and projTest as dependency)
+--- proj (projRun as dependency)

The scoping for X is correct in projTest and in projRun and is
resolved from the local repository.  proj, however, has X copied to
the target directory rather than resolving from the local repository.


PS  Sorry if this is considered hijacking a thread or if does not come
through properly.  Just stumbled onto this thread today so had no way
to grab the message to do a proper response.

L. David Brown, Jr.

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