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[m2e-users] Maven -> Update Project Configuration

I had made a couple of changes to my settings.xml, basically to add a new plugin repository, which affected one workspace I was working in and not another which had a lot of existing code that had previously worked.

When I reopened this workspace, many projects were flagged with the "need to update project configuration' error, so I updated. This left uncompilable code. In some cases, this was probably a good thing as the compiler options were not in synch, indicating holes in my setup and easily fixed.

But in one annoying case that I can find no justification for, the process inserted a JAXRS-builder into my project file. (Sorry I cannot be more exact than that, I can no longer regenerate this configuration). The project in question does not depend on building JAXRS although one of its dependent modules did. The project would not build without my manually removing this builder from the .project file, throwing a Null Pointer exception. After removing this unwanted builder, no problem.

I did try to run Update Project Configuration again and this time it did not insert the JAXRS builder.

Ironically, prior to this misadventure, I had been irritated by the fact that m2e would not let the project build until the configuration was resynched, and then when the resynch occurred, it had always worked, so I thought, why not make this process automatic? I guess this is my answer. This is a more complex project than the ones I'd previously been playing with and there are still a few bugs to work out in the updater.

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