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Re: [m2e-users] Dependencies with classifiers not working

m2e never resolves dependencies from project target folders, so I
suspect the observed behaviour is specific to STS. If can reproduce the
problem using clean m2e installation (for example, "for java developers"
Eclipse distribution from, please submit a bugreport in m2e
bugzilla and provide complete standalone project and steps to reproduce
the problem.


On 11-10-28 5:54 PM, jacquie wrote:
Igor Fedorenko<igor<at>>  writes:

Can you provide complete standalone project illustrate your setup?

Maven has rather loose model for classified artifacts and if I remember
correctly all dependency resolution is done on the main dependency
artifact. So your project is expected to have indirect dependencies of
info.collide:sqlspaces-commons:3.10.0 and nothing else. Specifically, it
is NOT expected to have any dependencies defined in
info.collide:sqlspaces-commons:3.10.0:jdk15 pom.


On 11-10-11 9:17 AM, Eric Kolotyluk wrote:
I recently added some dependencies with classifiers, for example,


But my Eclipse build is broken now because this does not show up
properly in "Maven Dependencies"

If I build from the command line things are OK, but I cannot seem to
configure Eclipse to work with classifiers.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Cheers, Eric
m2e-users mailing list

I am seeing what I think is a similar problem:

My environment was STS 2.8.0 with m2e 1.0

We have the following dependencies:


The second one (with the classifier tag) seemed to cause both jars to be placed
in the project's target folder, instead of being resolved from my .m2
repository, and then I got Eclipse compilation errors because the classes in
there could not be found.

If I remove that second dependency then the first one is referenced from .m2 as
expected, but then of course my test code doesn't compile.

These dependencies get their version from the dependencyManagement tags in the
parent project and it is 2.0.6.RELEASE.

Maven builds the project quite happily.

But as you edit the pom to include/exclude the spring-security-core test jar you
can see the path of the spring-security-core jar change from .m2 to the target
folder in the list of Maven dependencies. And the jars do actually appear in the
target folder, but that's not where Eclipse expects to find them.

This all works fine in Eclipse Helios with m2eclipse.  When I imported the
projects into sts 2.8.0 I imported them as fresh projects from svn and all the
m2e requirements were present and correct.

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