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Re: [m2e-users] Dependencies with classifiers not working

Can you provide complete standalone project illustrate your setup?

Maven has rather loose model for classified artifacts and if I remember
correctly all dependency resolution is done on the main dependency
artifact. So your project is expected to have indirect dependencies of
info.collide:sqlspaces-commons:3.10.0 and nothing else. Specifically, it
is NOT expected to have any dependencies defined in
info.collide:sqlspaces-commons:3.10.0:jdk15 pom.


On 11-10-11 9:17 AM, Eric Kolotyluk wrote:
I recently added some dependencies with classifiers, for example,


But my Eclipse build is broken now because this does not show up
properly in "Maven Dependencies"

If I build from the command line things are OK, but I cannot seem to
configure Eclipse to work with classifiers.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Cheers, Eric
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