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Re: [m2e-users] Workspace Resolution with m2e-wtp

So it seems the project dependency is not added as a component in webproject/.settings/org.eclipse.wst.common.component
One reason I can think of is the utility project doesn't have the org.eclipse.wst.common.modulecore.ModuleCoreNature defined in its .project

What happens if you :
- restore workspace resolution?
- remove / add back the project dependency in the web project's pom.xml?
- delete the projects from the workspace, delete all their eclipse config files and import them back as maven projects?
- use m2e-wtp 0.14.0-SNAPSHOT from

If you can reproduce the problem reliably every time you import your projects, then I'm very interested in seeing your projects config files / pom.xml. (Use


Fred Bricon

2011/9/26 Greg Thomas <greg.d.thomas@xxxxxxxxx>
I think I've found a bug with the "Workspace Resolution" functionality
within me2/m2e-wtp (I'm not sure which ...)

I've got project-a, a simple m2e project whose output is a JAR file.
I've got a project-b, which is a m2e-wtp project that depends on project-a.

With workspace resolution enabled, I end up with a "Class Not Found"
error when trying to run project-b within Eclipse/Tomcat. Examining
the Tomcat folders, it seems that m2e-wtp does not copy either the JAR
file or the classes that it consists of to the Tomcat project

Instead, I have to disable workspace resolution on project-b,

When I changed project-a, I then have to "mvn install" project-a and
then update dependencies on project-b. This copies the mvn install'ed
JAR file to the right place.

Have I missed something on how this should work - or is this a bug?

Thanks for any advice,

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