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Re: [m2e-users] Best way to mavenize non-maven Eclipse Java project? Problems converting old m2e projects to new ones.

Thanks, Igor.

So, would I have been okay leaving the extra .classpath and .settings entries in there? It seems bad and confusing to have two, but I have no idea what its effects would be.

Neither <ignore> nor <execute> by itself helps me. It removes the execution not covered error markers but the generated sources don't build. I never had any problems the old way.

Is there any better workaround than ?


On 09/22/2011 07:00 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
There is no automatic migration from old m2eclipse 0.12 or earlier
workspace projects to the new m2e 1.0.

"Plugin execution not covered" is explained in [1] and [2] is specific
request to implement support for cxf-codegen-plugin.



On 11-09-22 7:28 PM, Steve Cohen wrote:
I had a Java Project in Eclipse that was initially not set up as a Maven
project. However, I always wanted to Mavenize it, and took some steps,
such as putting source in src/main/java, resources in
src/main/resources, etc.

Now I wanted to Mavenize it. What was the way? I tried copying a bunch
of stuff from existing Maven projects but I was getting uneven results
in achieving expected behavior. Eventually, I discovered

Configure-->Convert To Maven Project

Problem solved. Nice improvement.

However, Along the way, I discovered that some of my previous Maven
projects were not behaving right in Eclipse. Changes weren't immediately
sparking builds as they had before. I discovered that these projects,
too, were offering me the choice of converting them to maven projects. I
trace this back to last week when I installed the latest version of m2e

I tried converting the projects.

In all cases, m2e ADDED new elements to the .project and .classpath
files, analogous to previous elements. For example, in .project:





and in .classpath:

<classpathentry kind="con"
<classpathentry kind="con"

It was pretty easy to figure out that the org.eclipse.m2e entries were
the new ones and the org.maven.ide ones were the old ones and remove
them. Not sure if these were doing any harm, but it seems to me that the
conversion process should have been smart enough to remove them for me.

More serious, however, one problem I can't solve:

Two projects with this plugin



no longer work in Eclipse, failing with this error.

Plugin execution not covered by lifecycle configuration:
org.apache.cxf:cxf-codegen-plugin:2.2.5:wsdl2java (execution:
generate-sources, phase: generate-sources) ... Maven Project Build
Lifecycle Mapping Problem

This was not a problem with the older m2e.

How do I fix this?

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