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Re: [m2e-users] Repository index large file

Igor, Lucene is designed from grounds up for concurrent read / write access to the index. It uses file system based write lock so the index can be shared safely among different VMs.


On 09/16/2011 02:58 PM, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
Yes, these are lucene indexes for remote repositories. m2e keeps single
copy of remote maven index file in local repository, but each workspace
has its own "working" copy of lucene index. I am not familiar enough
with lucene to tell if it is possible to share the index files between
multiple eclipse workpaces.


On 11-09-16 2:16 AM, Eric Cornely wrote:

In these days i had to create many different eclipse workspaces. I
noticed for each workspace a folder
.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.m2core/nexus/ which has a size over 100Mb.

My first question would be, is it really m2e who create those big files ?
Why do we need thoses files ? (I suppose it's the repository index but
not sure)
Is there a way to share those files between workspaces like placing them
in the maven .m2 folder or something like that ?


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